Welcome to Kwetu Film Institute

Our mission is to contribute to building the professional capacity of Rwandans and regional youth so that they can be creative and highly competitive in the world of the audiovisual and digital media economy.

Lecturer staff qualifications

At Kwetu Film Institute, the teaching staff qualification is meeting with the recommended standard from WDA. Amongst them we have those who are bearing Bachelor degree in different matter related to the module they are teaching. The Rwanda (Kwetu) is committed to ensure continuous staff training and staff development that will enable them to improve the skills in applied arts teaching for enhancing the Kwetu's capacity.

Our Objectives

  1. To launching and operate at least one training center in each province by the year 2025.
  2. Enrolling at least 1000 students from Kigali City and provinces by the year 2025
  3. To train at least 350 students from other African countries especially from the region by the year 2025
  4. To launching the RFI Film professionals network “which will facilitate graduates to easily penetrate into the market place.
  5. To set up a mega film village under a brand name “HillyWood” in order to create environment for film and digital media education and production at the international standard.
  1. To initiate and implement various activities likely to make Rwanda a hub for digital media economy at the regional level.
  2. To collaborate with the Government of Rwanda in the promotion of quality Education and capacity building of the national workforce;
  3. To provide to students with strong Knowledge and professional skills in audio visual and make them competitive at the international market;
  4. To develop a cultural openness of students by providing them with competence in critical thinking, civic education, professional ethic, business and entrepreneurship, etc.