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Who we are

The Rwanda Film Institute is both a technical and Vocational institute that provides professional training in filmmaking, photography, media design, art and graphics.

The institute is a visionary initiative of Rwandan professionals. It is located in Kigali city but with the ambition to expand in all provinces of Rwanda through its training centers in order to reach young people from various background and from the neighbouring regions.

The idea came from the observation of Rwandan needs of capacity in filmmaking and digital media. It was based on the ambition to let Rwandans tell their own story and share it with other people worldwide.

In fact, Rwanda is a landlocked country with limited resources, has vowed to put emphasis on the knowledge-based economy and IT as tools to speed up its economic raising.

Furthermore, Rwanda has a rich and multi secular culture and from his history, his natural beauty landscape, his effort of self-reliance, etc., it has an interesting story and content to expose to the world. Despite this state, the Rwanda image at the global screen in still insufficient due to lack of professional skills and creativity. Most of the Rwandan content that is currently exposed have been produced by foreigners.

With Rwanda Film Institute, graduates in film and digital media production are self-employed and employ others hence boosting the Rwandan Economy.

Program structure

The whole programme comprises 2 years dispatched into 4 semesters. The total number of modules is about 25 plus 3 generic modules to be developed through seminars and workshops. These are: computer and ICT skills, Language and Business and entrepreneurship courses. The semester 1 and 2 comprises 10 modules each one, semester 3 comprises 9 modules while semester 4 comprises 8 modules.

During the course of the program 3 sessions of internship are scheduled whereby students are sent in various digital media houses, TVs, etc.; to apply in real the skills acquired in class

Also, we provide a shorter program of 3 months training that is followed by the 3 months practice on making short films. The whole program is about 6 months sanctioned by a certificate.

Our Program

Our two-year program is sanctioned by a diploma in Film and Digital media studies. It offers students with relevant professional skills likely to make them competitive at the market place in Rwanda and beyond.

During the course of this program, students will be introduced in the theoretical knowledge of Film and Digital media. They will take enough time to practice through multiple exercises, assignments and internship sessions.

By the end of the program, students should be able to apply the acquired skill and knowledge through different professional services offered by the Digital media: public and private TV, video production companies, public institutions, services etc. They should be able to create their own enterprises in matters related to the competences acquired.

The specific aims of the diploma in film production and digital media design are to:

  1. Offer an integrated perspective of theoretical, critical, practical and creative work in film and media design, relevant to students' expectations in work or further study;
  2. Offer a balanced approach to the main stages in film and media production, pre-production, production and post-production;
  3. Engage critically with the analysis, theory and practice in ways which complement inform and underpin creative film and media practice and production;
  4. Develop the practical, critical and conceptual skills involved in the making of the magazine, reportage, video clip, and documentary and short fiction films.

We also provide a shorter programme of 3 months training that is followed by the 3 months practice on making short films. The whole programme of 6 months is sanctioned by a certificate.

Entry requirements

The student's enrolment at Kwetu Film Institute proceeds by 3 steps whereby specific criteria are observed in each step. These steps are notably the selection of applicants considering their education level, the entry test and the assessment centre.

The first step is about to consider the applicants who are meeting the education level criteria. This is to have completed the secondary school with a certificate in any matters. The second step is about to select student who have passed the entry test with success. The third is about to gather all applicants in the assessment centre in which their individual aptitudes and talents are observed and evaluated


For the 6 month program, the tuition fee is 760,000 Rwf to be paid in advance online.

Intro into Producing and writing: 200, 000 Rwf

Photography and videography: 200, 000 Rwf

Editing and visual storytelling: 200, 000 Rwf

Total for the 3 programs is 600, 000 Rwf

The enrollment fee is 40, 000 Rwf