Training and skills development

Kwetu offers services that include; renting out material, over the creation of company advertisements for the purpose of corporate identity building to the shooting of public and private events. We produce short films, corporate videos that also help communicate the brand and products from your company.

We also have a cozy Boutique Hotel – Kwetu Residence Inn – at our Kwetu Film Institute where we host journalists, filmmakers, artists of any kind as well as tourists from anywhere in the world. In addition there is the Cafés Des Artistes Lounge – Bar open every day.

It’s a great place to be. Come and check it out some time, prices are absolutely affordable.

At the end of a program with Kwetu Film School, students are able to work and communicate easily and professionally and thus operate clearly with both still and motion pictures in the 21st century. This creates efficiency in the era of virtual communication through social and other media.

We are currently in the process of revising our strategies in order to indeed gain more of the market share and to attract students from anywhere in the region, the continent and the world.

Our biggest asset at this moment is the fantastic network we can tap from to organize guest lectures of seasoned professionals, whether they are screenwriters, editors, cinematographers, custom-designers, actors, directors or producers coming from the most advanced countries in the world when it comes down to filmmaking. Much of this network has been built over the years by the Founder and CEO of the Kwetu Film Institute, Mr. Kabera Eric. It is now up to us to make good use of the existing network and find ways to incorporate this in a grand strategy that will make Kwetu and Kigali the hub for filmmaking in the region and on the continent.

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