Financial cost of taking up courses at Kwetu Film School

Today, the 3-month ‘Fast Track Filmmaker’ course costs RWF 320 000. That is RWF 20 000 Registration Fee and RWF 300 000 Enrollment Fee, which is spread over the duration of the course in three equal parts. Based on the above fee, we consider this as a baseline for our students to be interested in acquiring more skills to embark on this journey.

We also offer the Rwanda Media Project ‘Media Designer’ course in partnership with our international partner schools.

This full-time course takes two years for a total cost of RWF 1,4 Million or RWF 700 000 per year.

Thefuture of the film industry in Rwanda:

The film industry in Rwanda is young and a lot is still needed to be worked on but we reckon it has very big potential to reach greater heights. The future is bright and soon Rwanda will become a film industry hub with the most sought professionals in Africa.

Kwetu wishes to enroll approximately about one thousand students in the next five years who will be exposed to all the important aspects of cinematic media creation. With practitioner instructors, experts in various fields of media, KFI offers professional, hands on media training programs founded on solid academic criterion. We have already trained more than 800 students for the past 10 years.

The nature of our cinema training & education:

The nature of the cinema training & education is very much focused on “learning by doing.” This “Hands On” method has proven to be the most effective in especially short term courses but also on the longer term it contributes to an accelerated professionalization process.

Who comes at Kwetu?

Students that have successively completed “O” and ‘A’ levels, graduates from colleges and universities and professionals of any kind are our major target groups. As for the Target Groups, KFI is creating various programs targeting different segments of the population. This year we had a pilot program for teenagers on holidays to learn about film and photography. We are also in the process of creating new courses to fit both individual working professionals as well as marketing departments of private companies and even public institutions who see the need to be able to communicate effectively with still images and motion pictures.

Also Kwetu Film Institute starts a Cinema Club – with an opportunity to win a trip to Gisenyi as well and other cinematic places of the country.

Contact us for admission and more information about our institute.