About us

We are famously known as the number one film and television school in the land of a thousand hills of Rwanda. We are also the  dedicated team that has captured the story and recorded the history of Rwanda and East Africa for the past two decades. We help and continue to assist many productions and media houses from around the world to look at Africa through a positive lens. We are credited to have produced the first feature film on the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, the film 100 DAYS that came out before Hotel Rwanda, Some times in April and many others to which we consulted and assisted during their productions.

We have assisted and produced for BBC, CNN, Aljazeera, NBC, NPR, NHK, France2, UNDP, UNICEF to name but a few. These days, there are many independent production companies and organizations and individuals like your self who simply want to be in contact with the local context to capture the story and share the voices and faces of the people from our continent and country. We are that extended hand of yours. We have an experienced team of local producers, cameramen, sound engineers, screenwriters, directors, assistant producers and editors to help you bring your ideas and projects to life. We will provide you with the latest digital equipments, tripods, drones, lights, sound, production offices and studio to conduct your work smoothly.

You may not need to bring all your equipments all the way to Rwanda or East Africa, no need to bring an entire crew to film your materials. We will assist and respond to your demand. There are many young producers and small productions houses that may be suggesting similar services, but here at Kwetu, we are your home, the creative house of Kigali and Rwanda. We will offer you ground transportation and hotel services all under one roof at Kwetu and the Residence Inn. www.kwetuinn.com While using us as your extended production hand means is having an experienced producer on your side, someone who will learn about your needs, understand your concept and visualizes it in the clearer way possible to accomplish your mission.

So whether you’re interested in shooting, editing, promoting your event, launching a product or company or coming to shoot in Africa and Rwanda or just using the audiovisual services, think of us. Kwetu, we will help you. Our only agenda is to help and facilitate you tell your story. We are not only attached to our own productions or big production projects, we are dedicated to help other filmmakers and story tellers to bring their stories of humanity on screen.
When you work with us, you get a dedicated attention and after production services where we can show your film/ productions using our famous inflatable screens or even more; having your film be eligible to the famous Rwanda Film Festival. www.rwandafilmfestival.net

Kwetu is a Swahili word that means Home- If you know of Hakuna Matata? Then add Kwetu to this word; It would mean ‘Hakuna Matata Kwetu’’ No worry at home.

Karibu Kwetu- ‘’Welcome home’’

Eric Kabera
Kwetu film institute